I always swore I would never, ever bother the universe with a blog.

Not that I would ever dream of disparaging the many bloggers, podcasters and the like among my friends (visit them, they are all good and clever and funny and what-have-you), but as there never seem to be enough hours in the day for me to follow anyone else’s blog, it seemed by far the fairest decision of all for me not to annoy anyone with a blog of my own.

Actually, this is a teensy bit of a lie, in that I did actually have what you’d call a ‘blog’ in the late 90s, thanks to a self-publishing website called Zyworld. I was still a student at the time, and had to book into a computer room to get online in those pre-wi-fi days, and yet for a year or two I did manage to keep all sorts of stupid webpages updated, with a guide to our Nu-Wave Skifflepunk band, Nylon Under Wear, guides to pubs in Ludlow and Aberystwyth, and a page entirely made up of LOLRANDOM thoughts of just a few words at a time, updated every other day. That page was basically Twitter ten years early, and also, technically, my first blog. Thankfully only scraps still exist in the Internet Archive Wayback machine, and, as I said at the top of this entry, I decided, once the Blogosphere really became a phenomenon which the world knew well, that I was done with blogging. But, as I regularly tend to be, I was wrong.

Because, with two works of comedy history beneath my braces – The Clue Bible: The Fully Authorised History of I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue, and The True History of The Black Adder – and a third ever-nearing the contract stage, it has been drummed into my well-stocked but frankly treacly brain that I should no longer see having my own website as an optional extra in life, but it has to be a part of who I am and what I do.

As you may discover, that encompasses a great many very, very daft things – stories, songs, videos, random acts of journalism… But this is where it begins.

In time, hopefully this site will be packed with all sorts of things connected to my adventures in comedy – the legendary comedians and comedy technicians I have met and interviewed, the fascinating tidbits which editors have forced me to cut from my books, and the fruits of my own performing and event promoting exploits, both as a solo act, and as Daddy of The Unrelated Family.

Don’t say I never warned you. I just did it there, then. Here goes.

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