Happy Mithras, lovelies!



The sad thing about funding TWO books on Unbound in fewer than two years, is it becomes a lot harder to keep a personal blog going when you’re having to blog literally every single week to get projects off the ground – and now I have TWO BOOKS coming out in 2018, that won’t change soon, but I’ve somehow found the time to create something new to be ignored by the whole universe, and here’s me telling you all about it…

You may have gleaned from this page that I have a history of pretending to be a recording artist. It all stems back to the dear, utopian days of MYSPACE. Ah, that perfect platform when any old git with a microphone could pretend to be a rock star and many hundred or thousands would back them up in that belief. In today’s fragmented social media world, there are things like Bandcamp and gawd knows what else, but nobody notices because they’re ghettoes, whereas MySpace brought everything into one place, providing the perfect playground for creatives of all kinds. Back then, pretend CDs I released would actually get sent out, to Latvia, Texas, sometimes even getting radio play, because the world was a willing audience. There was the very early offering ‘Songs To Listen To Music By’, then breakthrough non-hit ‘100% Balls’, and finally 2010’s ‘Keeping The Zeitgeist At Arm’s Length’.

The last seven years have gone all-too quickly, and the songs have kept mounting up, with increasing stress on topicality, and less burlesque-led desire to just be absolutely filthy. Although there’s still plenty of that too. I’ve amassed so much material that, although the audience may not be there any more – despite playing Glastonbury this summer! – I’ve decided, for psychologically flawed reasons, to call this collection my 4th album, in the hope that brand new songs will come splashing along all the more easily in 2018, with the cupboards bare. The link above contains the whole album in CD-ready .AIFF files, and the CD cover is the image above it, so if anyone is feeling particularly masochistic, there it is, from the cruelty of Cheer Up Sylvia Plath to the cuteness of No No No, 23 songs to… well, listen to music by.

Just in time to try out my brand new New Year’s Eve number, Absolutely Everything Is Suddenly Going To Change For The Better! I fucking hope it’s a prescient title…





  1. Just have added this to my iTunes, thank you so much for this Gem, Jem :-p Have it on while doing some kitchen chores. 🙂 Will share this around as well.
    On another note was able to squeeze a few pennies together and contributre to the Tales of Britain campaign so I can get wifey a copy, well both of us, but as a gift for her. Cheers, Happy New Whatever,

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