I am warning you, with peace and love, that MY SIXTH BOOK IS NOW COMPLETE!



Glorious book cover by Beano artist Steve Beckett.

Yes, 2019 has been the hardest year of my life, and all my savings may be gone, and I’ve had to take on a proper job… but I do now have 130,000 cogently linked words celebrating Beatle comedy to show for it. It may be a Herculean task to now ready the book for the spring and turn the whole Beatle world onto it, but having carried this crucial idea around with me all decade, researching it for years on end, I do feel thoroughly vindicated – this is a story which had to be told, and I’m proud of how I’ve told it. 

Right now a PDF of this first completed draft is with the boss of Candy Jar books, Shaun, splendidly pedantic test reader Darrell, and no less than the great Kevin Eldon, who asked to get a glimpse as soon as he could. But on the understanding that you have either already pre-ordered your copy, or do so right now by visiting THE FABULOUS @FABFOOLS PRE-ORDER PAGE

“The quality of the Mersey is it’s not strained…”

Here’s a special gift for every true Beatles fan supporting FAB FOOLS – a snippet from the early part of the book, which is enriched by my own interview with the great Trevor Peacock (and stopping just short of the intervention of Joe McGrath), carried out earlier in the decade. Here’s hoping Joe is still going strong – and his wonderful Rutles art department wife, Peta Button! – and the legendary Peacock family head was a joy to meet in Yeovil a few years ago, so the very best vibes go out to him and the whole Peacock clan as well. So happy to have been able to talk to Trevor and Joe about their Beatle experiences while I could.

No no no no – YES, Trevor does share his Beatle memories in Fab Fools…

Any road up and down, here’s a very wee extract from the book, which we’re still pledged to get completed and out to pre-orderers before next summer – taking you from Shakespeare to Pete & Dud…

Your author with Joe McGrath and very pals.

We’re still way off getting the desired amount of pre-orders to fuel the proper full colour glorious celebration this book deserves to be, so if you know of any way to help spread the word and get folk pre-ordering the book, please do lend a hand! You can share details of our feeds on TWITTER and FACEBOOK, or just share the main pre-ordering link, which is bit.do/ffbook.

Meeting our budget target? I’d be very prepared for that eventuality…


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