Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Summer Storytelling!

Happy Folklore Thursday, Tales-lovers!

After a long spring lockdown’s weekly stories, Brother Bernard has slipped back into his cave, but left a whole barrage of tales to enjoy at your leisure: TALES OF BRITAIN: THE SERIES!

From Three Bears to Three Pigs, taking in Taliesin and Jack, Dildrum and Doldrum, seals, wolves, pixies and so much else besides, plus older retellings like the Xmas story The Last Yule, and our many trailers and bonuses over the years – there’s plenty to get stuck into! 

And you get to see all these stupid faces, at no further charge:

… How could you not?

Normally right now we’d be begging you to attend forthcoming Tales Of Britain shows all over the land, from Edinburgh to Glastonbury – but it’s currently 2020, so oh dear. If a second wave remains absent, and there’s a chance of doing some small socially-distanced outside shows, perhaps in Bath and Ludlow, perhaps in August, we will mention them here, but until now – it’s online only!

Thanks again for all your love and encouragement as the Tales of Britain movement endures. Remember you can say nicew things about the book in its many online portals, the odd star always brightens the day!

But for now – are you sitting comfortably…?


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