… And to prove it, they’re here!

PREVIOUSLY, ON FAB FOOLS: 1 – 2 – 3 – 4!

Happy Fab Fools Friday, lovely nits! Here’s just a little mini-mini online author event to thank everyone who made this book finally a reality!

As I say in the vid, the books won’t be hitting shops until the spring, but it only exists now thanks to the kindness of a few hundred Beatlemaniacs who saw that the book needed to exist – I thank you all, from Kevin Eldon and Candy Jar Books to every last pre-orderer, I thank you with peace and love, and peas and laff, and hope to be doing proper author events some time in 2021!

My sixth book is a real thing, which can be used as a coaster or a weapon, should you wish to!

You can still order them online right now – and so cheaply! Ideal stocking fillers for the Fabmaniacs in your life. Please support the book however you can – I get by with a little help, and you know the rest.

Peace and love, and peas and laff.


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