Only days from Mabon and the autumnal equinox, after so long in the wilderness for Brother Bernard (besides one return to Tintagel, see above and below*), we have an exciting Folklore Thursday announcement!

After months of graft (it was designed as a spring/summer release – thanks, Audible) TALES OF BRITAIN VOLUME 2 IS FINALLY UP ON AUDIBLE!

From Lady Godiva to the Three Little Pigs, Bran the Blessed to The Lambton Worm, Brother Bernard is back with 18 fresh tales for all to enjoy! And as for today’s WILD theme – what about Macbeth’s Weird Sisters? “So withered and so wild in their attire”?

Rakkit Productions and I have teamed up on a rather merry giveaway, too! We have 3 free download codes for TALES OF BRITAIN VOL 2 for the first folkies to review the book or audiobook, and send us a link, on Facebook or Twitter or via!

And yes, Audible still charge £10 more than we really want them to, and yes, they have categorized it under ‘Politics and Social Science’ (Why is publishing/capitalism so awful at accepting that not everything fits into hugely restrictive categories? To Audible, Folklore is strictly for children. Tales of Britain is certainly political here and there, and has a social purpose. But it’s Comedy before that. It’s all the above, for children and haggard old gits alike).

But at last, Vol 2 lives! Now, time to prepare for my honeymoon in Snowdonia, home of four of our tales, where we’ll get to grips with the weirdness of Blodeuwedd…

* By the way, besides revisiting Arthur’s old neighbourhood and telling a tale about Tommyknockers, we finally got to visit the Witchcraft Museum in Boscastle, brimming with references to tales we have re-spun over the years… behold!


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