The Unrelated Family are Bath’s premier comedy sketch troupe-cum-Ukulele pop combo, set up in The Comedy Pub just off Leicester Square in 2007, and they still trundle along merrily enough now in many differing forms – comedy shows, improv, music shows, Unrehearsed Theatre (including MACBETH, DRACULA, BACK TO THE FUTURE and SOME MORE) and of course, many many instances of UKEAOKE! Ideal for parties where lots of low-quality noise is required.


As the regular suppliers of funny noises to the Bath Comedy Festival, weird lineups have raised a fair whack of coinage for Comic Relief at The Bell, and made a lot of filthy racket at Moles club… Mainly so we could tell people that we’d played the same venue as Morrissey, The Cure, Blur, Pulp, Oasis and the Rubber Bishops.

SOMETIMES NOW WE ARE: Daddy Jem Roberts, Uncle Matt Bragg, Bubbe Emily Rose, Great Grandpaw Gavin Lazarus, on swanee whistle, Baby Matt “MmBop” Hanson, Uncle Simon Williams, Auntie Laura Ollerton, Cousin Dan Fitz Fitzhenry, Mummy Lois Temel, Grandma Deian Vincent, Great-Uncle Tim Hounsome, Stepsister Lawrie Duckworth, and many more over the years…

For any further exposition, for now at least, we’ll just link to the TUF Facebook group… Although the MySpace one, amusingly, also still exists, long out of date and poorly… We’ll refrain from using the term ‘Back In The Day’.


Jem and Emily deconstructing the Victoria Wood classic ‘It Would Never Have Worked’…


Jem and Mr Bragg getting unnecessarily metal. 2013.


Jem, Nicky Rope and Deian Vincent for St George’s Day 2008.


Laura, Jem, Fitz and Matt in happier minutes.


So proud. So very, very, very, fucking very proud.


Summer 2010. There was one.



Finally, do get in touch…



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