It’s been a long time, now I’m coming back home – I’ve been away now, oh how… Hm. But I thought I’d just underline the point that I have next-to-no shame by openly sharing this video on what we might call this ‘blog’ affair.


We in The Unrelated Family do aim to one day follow in the footsteps of the true greats like The Idiot Bastard Band, with live renditions of original and classic comedy numbers, novelty shite and geeky oddities. Until then, well, this is us raising a few ponies for rather good causes and &c.

Anyway, with hideous ingratiating apologies to Neil Innes – not to mention The Beatles – this was the sweaty, sodden finale* of The Unrelated Family’s Comic Relief Show for the Bath Comedy Festival 2013 – COMIC NOISES. As performed at The Bell Inn, Bath on Friday April 5th. Our staining tribute to the Pre-Fab Four: to DIRK, STIG, NASTY AND BARRY, with love from JEMBLE, EMILY, MATT LAWRIE, SIMON AND GAVIN. It’s relatively spot-on by our usual standards, and contains much forelock-waggling.

Hope it makes you sick.**


*Well, no – Cook & Moore’s ‘Goodbye’ was the self-imposed encore.

**Not really, I’m a total turtle dove frood.***

***And on very strong painkillers, should any of this text seem particularly untoward in its tiresomely multisyllabic and directionless… oh look, it’s a hot-air balloon with a bra on it, excuse me.


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