40 years ago today… I was entering my third trimester in my Mum’s womb, and she certainly wasn’t tuned in to Radio 4. But yes, Hitchhiker debuted, three days off Douglas Adams’ 26th birthday – and tonight, it’s back.

4 years ago today… well, not today, but 4 years ago… THE FROOD, Douglas Adams’ official biography, was launched, in which I documented the visionary audio-wizard Dirk Maggs’ attempts to turn Eoin Colfer’s entry into the extended canon, And Another Thing, into a new radio series – and now finally, my wonderful book is rendered that bit more out of date, by his eventual success! I was even asked to help out by providing some extra material from the archives, and although I’m sure it made no difference as they were already pals, without being aware of that, I did bang on a bit to Dirk about Sir Lenny Henry being the perfect Consultant, so I’m really chuffed he’s joined the Hitchhiker family.

Considering all the publicity surrounding the Douglas Adams Paper Archive in recent Radio 4 documentaries, it’s been a slightly sticky time to be Adams’ official biographer, taking a step back as others talk all about their own experiences with the archive, but I’m glad to have been able to get my oar in, in the latest H2G2 special from SFX:


… Which you’ll have to buy to read, obviously! Or even better, just buy The Frood if you haven’t by clicking THIS BIT HERE.

Let’s be honest, there’s been a lot of talk about the Hitchhiker archives, but nobody ever mentions THIS page, do they? It could be the key to everything!


It’s a busy day, with a gig to perform and International Women’s Day events to go to, but I’ll of course be tuning in at 6.30pm like everyone else, and raising a theoretical glass to The Hitchhiker’s Guide 40 years on.

Although of course, this is just the latest chapter in the Hitchhiker story. There will be plenty more to come, to the 50th anniversary and beyond…


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